Boring Mills – Floor type

Improved flexibility and high dynamics for enhanced performance

  • Heavy-duty machines for the best stock removal capacity
  • Highest versatility, allowing multiple machine configurations
  • Several heads, quills and workstations
  • Advanced Soraluce technology
  • Rigid and dynamic: full cast iron, linear guiding and damping technology
  • Stiffness forces triangle, providing best machine rigidity
  • Pendulum machining
  • Multitasking capability
  • Automated solutions available
  • Optimal comfort, safety and ergonomics
Longitudinal traverse 118” ÷ as per request
Vertical traverse 118” ÷ 315”
Cross traverse 51” ÷ 75”
Spindle power 49 ÷ 135 HP

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Boring Mills – Floor type1
Bridge Mills

Multiple configuration: gantry type or travelling table, several workstations, pallet changing system, pendulum machining

  • Best roughing and finishing results
  • Multiple configuration: gantry type or mobile table, several workstations, palletisation, pendulum machining
  • Mobile cross beam; live axis interpolating with rest of the axes
  • Advanced Soraluce technology
  • Rigid and dynamic: full cast iron, linear guiding and damping technology
  • Direct spindle drive up to 80 HP spindle drive. Higher torque and power performance up to 135 HP with planetary 3 speed gearbox
  • Pendulum machining
  • Multitasking capability
  • Optimal comfort, safety and ergonomics
Longitudinal traverse 220” ÷ as per request
Ram vertical traverse 59” ÷ 118”
Cross beam vertical traverse 39” ÷ 157”
Ram cross traverse 157” ÷ 413”
Spindle power 57 ÷ 135 HP

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Bridge Mills2
Bridge Mills2
Bridge Mills2
Bridge Mills2

High performance capacity in milling, turning and grinding in a single set-up

  • Milling, turning, grinding and gear cutting in a single machine
  • Significant reductions in production lead time
  • Improved machining accuracy and overall part quality
  • Cost benefits: fewer fixtures, tools and labour requirements
  • High versatility, allowing multiple machine configurations
  • Unique Soraluce high torque multitasking head: head and spindle orientation at any angle
  • High cutting capacity turning heads for external and internal turning
  • In-house made milling and turn-milling rotary tables
  • Soraluce cycles: turning, grinding and gear cutting cycles
Table size 82” ÷ 315”
Vertical traverse 49” ÷ 315”
Cross traverse 47” ÷ 75”
Milling spindle power 49 ÷ 135 HP
Loading capacity 17500 ÷ 441000 lb

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Boring Mills – Floor type1
Bridge Mills2

Get flexibility! The power of indexing.

In-house made.

  • Full workpiece accessibility
  • Precise machining results due to high positioning accuracy
  • Robust design
  • High power and torque allowing maximum cutting capacity
  • High dynamics
  • Cycle time saving
  • Customisation: more than 300 head models at your disposal
  • Fully modular head changing system through adapter flanges
  • Maintenance friendly: wear parts can be easily replaced on site
  • 2 line-ups: heavy-duty heads, with cooled oil lubrication technology and high performance heads, with air-coil lubrication

49 / 57 / 61 HP (S1)
2.5° x 2.5° / 1º x 2.5º / 0.001° x 0.001° / 5-axis continuous
4000 / 5000 / 6000 / 7000 rpm

Leading Technology

We are pioneers of many technologies driving the machine tool sector. Those solutions enhance our clients’ technological progress and respond to the most demanding machining challenges.

DAS by Soraluce DWS by Soraluce RAM Balance by Soraluce



Complete solution for landing gear maintenance machining

  • Automatic guided centering and reference process. No need of any workpiece alignment!
  • Any spatial position accessibility through stepless universal heads and angular heads
  • Complete turning and boring functionality in any position
  • Accessibility to machine internal cylinder housings
  • Soraluce custom cycles for centering and machining process

“Soraluce helped us to improve the productivity of the landing gear maintenance process”

Thomas Pichon
Project Manager, Revima



High versatile solutions for large & complex workpieces

  • Rigid high powered machines for heavy stock removal
  • Solutions for frames, missile launchers, torpedo, etc. machining
  • Multitasking solutions; milling, turning, grinding and gear cutting integrated into a single machine
  • Turn-key projects: clamping fixtures, cutting tools, CADCAM processing, simulation, training, production launch
  • Wide range of heads: universal head, multitasking head, orthogonal head, horizontal head, facing head, etc
  • High-degree of flexibility oriented towards optimal productivity and profitability


Industrial Vehicles

Ad-hoc automation to boost productivity

  • From stand-alone machines to tailor-made automated production lines
  • Solutions for booms, frames, hubs, lifts… machining
  • Fully automated and palletised system for big size components
  • Unattended machining
  • Duplex machining, double production in relation to individual machines
  • Robot-based tool magazines
  • Integration of auxiliary operations in the production system
  • Control system to manage the machining cell using the job list concept

“Thanks to the SORALUCE automated solution, zero set-up times makes our production flow”

Dr. Juho Nummela
President, CEO, Ponsse

Industrial Vehicles3
Industrial Vehicles3
Case study

Complete machining of heavy duty press components in minimum number of workpiece set-ups.

“Productivity ratios improved by 35% with SORALUCE’s solution”.

Aitor Txurruka
Plant Manager at Fagor Arrasate

Upcoming Events In the USA

Showroom in Wyoming, (Michigan)

From July 2021

SORALUCE TA-D 6-axis bed type machine (4+2 axes machining)
Soon in stock!

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Oier Elguezabal

“We are setting new standards in Milling Boring technology. We want you to be part of it.”

Oier Elguezabal
North America Vice President Sales

call us to +34 688 605 205

Local sales & services

Select Machining Technologies has partnered with the largest machine tool distribution and local service network throughout the United States.

Select Machining

Select Machining Technologies
A division of Morris Group, Inc.

910 Day Hill Road
Windsor, CT 06095

T: 860.687.3475

  • Application Engineering and Process Expertise
  • Local machine lifecycle services
  • Helpline
  • Rental Head Program
  • Spare parts stock
  • Head service hub, spare head available

Why Soraluce?

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Wide range of solutions with leading technology and experienced customization

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Chatter reduction technology that improves productivity by 300%

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Automatic head for greater accuracy and time savings

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Leader for 25 years in Germany and more than 3000 machines installed

Inspired by innovation, Soraluce leads the future of the sector by creating value for its customers, setting new standards in milling, boring and turning.
Soraluce is part of Danobatgroup, the machine tool division of Mondragon Corporation, one of Europe’s largest holding companies.

9 top level

manufacturing plants in Spain, Germany, UK and USA and 5 Centres of Excellence

€ 260m

turnover in 2019



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